Fall capsule ’21

My fall capsule is finally complete. I was a few sweaters shy of being “ready”.

I complete my fall capsules in two waves. The first wave has a few more t-shirts and shorts to get me though the September heat in Virginia. The second wave has no shorts, and more sweaters. I’ll also pull my Teva sandals and replace them with boots. Transitional seasons surprise me each day with their weather, I let my capsule adjust as needed.

This year was another year of decluttering as well. My body has grown and changed, a few pairs of jeans too tight at the waist to consider comfortable, I thanked them and let them go. It’s true what they say – clothes are made to fit us, not the other way around.

Shopping second hand and shopping infrequently allows me to purchase “new” clothes that actually fit my body. With a capsule, there are fewer pieces to add or change or replace. Its a more gentle process than buying an entirely new wardrobe.

When my body changed after pregnancy, I took it season by season. Finding a minimal number of items that fit and wearing and loving them as I loved my body in each stage. Then, in a new season, if my body was new again I adjusted.

Capsules are not about buying new again and again. They are a more manageable way to exist. When I pull out my seasonal items each capsule, they feel brand new. Less to worry or stress about. Less to wash, dry, fold, repeat.

Themes from this capsule are: fall tone pants and trousers, hints of blue and rust, feminine mixed with masculine. Comfort, comfort, comfort.

My capsule tends to speak to me, and I can feel when it’s just right. Full of items that hold and comfort me. Ready to dress me up, keep me warm, or just get me through until bedtime.

More soon,

Bonnie Rae xx

My favorite capsule planner

Where it all began


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