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Here are some of the things getting me by this week, when we’re all a little low, a little hopeful, a little uncertain.
This podcast.  The Ikonns are a couple who always put mindfulness and gratitude at the forefront of all they do. This podcast episode allowed me to unburden myself. To accept what is, because that’s all we can do. I know that it is a privilege to think of this time as a growth moment, as an opportunity. So far in my life- all the horrific hardship that has come has been meant for me. And with each step, my life has become more beautiful. A combination of happenings that I would not have chosen, and the decision to grow anyway.
This show.  If you have access to Hulu, watch Little Fires Everywhere. Some parts cause heartache, but I come out of each episode with a different understanding of the world. A moment of escape and learning, all at once.
This book.  Oh my. Glennon Doyle is…perfection. She understands women, and the shared experience of women, on a guttural level. As I read this book I wept, and I laughed. I understood myself more. I found myself in her story. I also know that this is a book that could awaken you to some unhappiness or discomfort in your life. If I had read it a year or two ago, I would have ached for change. The fact that it will awaken your soul and your deepest desire, however, is the exact reason you need to read it.
This youtube.  My sister shared this youtube account with me of the most magical Irish woman who lives simply in her little cottage. She focuses on less waste, simple living, and living with nature instead of against it. The first week of quarantine and self-isolation, I watched her non-stop and it brought such peace and calm.
I’ve also found so much joy in getting outside. Building a garden and a compost has given me time away from my phone, away from my computer, with nothing to think about but caring for our sweet little plants and digging my hands in the dirt.
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx


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