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Hey y’all- I’m late. Friday comes fast, doesn’t it? This is more of an observation than an excuse for missing these past two weeks.
Sunday nights are my new me time. My time to reflect and reset before the week to come. So I’m moving my “Better” series to Sunday evenings, I hope that’s alright. Maybe this is your quiet time too.
Here it is, my list of ten things making our world better this week.
1. This blog post. YES this is the same Rachel Hollis that wrote the life changing book Girl, Wash Your Face. In this post Rachel shares 5 documentaries you can watch on a rainy day, or any day. I love documentaries- a few have quite literally changed my life. Maybe put one of these on after your Thanksgiving dinner!
2. Farm Sanctuary’s celebration for the turkeys! Listen. I know meat tastes great, I know that- but it is messing up our planet bb’s. And oh boy is it heartbreaking watching those turkey slaughter trucks go by on my way to work each day. Each year, farm sanctuary hosts a vegan feast for their beautiful rescued turkeys. 1. Watch this video. 2. Smile, laugh, cry. 3. Then try a tofurkey or nut loaf this holiday season. Your body, our planet, and the turkeys thank you.
3. This instagram post of a pupper having dinner with her human.
4. This song that I’m 100% sure Gaga and Bradley wrote just for me and my husband.
5. This podcast. Jonathan Van Ness is a gift to this world and everything he does is perfect. This particular episode was fascinating to me, I recently got back from Colorado where weed is legal throughout the state and it’s really something we need to be doing countrywide- the possibilities are endless and it was only outlawed because of some white man BS back in the day- give it a listen.
6. This breast pump. I can’t believe a pump like this didn’t exist before. Cordless, wireless, rechargeable, and pump straight into the bag. It’s an investment at 479 dollars but oh my goodness this is a game changer. Run, tell the other mamas.
7. This cup. Stojo is on a mission to drastically reduce disposable cup use. Americans toss an estimated 58 billion disposable cups annually. The global estimate is 500 billion- this collapsible, pocket to go cup is genius.
8. These baby shoes (pictured above). As Miles learns to walk in these winter months we wanted to protect his feet without hurting them. Many baby shoes can make walking harder for little ones, or hurt their little growing feet. The Surprize by Stride Rite (we found ours at Target) are affordable, adorable and won’t hurt or inhibit little one. (We have the cute snow boots too.)
9. This instagram.  A beautiful reminder that you don’t need a lot of space to live well (even with two little ones).
10. This video. If you haven’t heard, Steve Carell hosted SNL and it was amazing. He even poked fun at Grease- The Office and Grease combined!? I ask you, what could be better?
That’s all for this week. Remember- good things happen, love is real, and we will be okay.
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx



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