Life is hard. These days, everything feels heavy.
Our country, our world, is divided right now. I’m so tired of it. We are happier and healthier when we are full of joy and love and when we connect with those around us. We are stronger together.
This is not to say we should ignore the bad-no. We should be angry and fighting and working hard. But some days, we need to rest. We need to fill up our cups so we can be there for others. Put our own oxygen masks on first.
In an attempt to bring some light and love into our world I am starting a new series called Better. Each Friday you will find a post here with ten things that are making my world, our world, just a bit better.
Ten things making life better this week.
1. This Book. Scott Harrison is incredibly inspiring, 100% of the author’s net proceeds from Thirst will go to fund charity: water projects around the world.
2. This Podcast. Mamrie Hart and Grace Helbig are hilarious, intelligent women just trying to make you laugh. This week? They talk about the time they got too high and watched Planet Earth II- just writing about it is making me smile.
3. This instagram. Thomas Middleditch is so hilarious I don’t know what to do about it. Scroll though his instagram for videos that are so weird they’re guaranteed to make you giggle.
4. These jeans. I’ve worn these jeans four times this week and they make me so happy. I have realized that skinny jeans are my worst night mare so I have let them go from my life. Hello “boyfriend” jeans- which is really just a term for jeans with real pockets that don’t squeeze all your lady parts and thighs to death.
5. This baby. LISTEN. My little chickens makes me so darn happy. Please feel free to stare at pictures of him, or of your kiddos or loved ones. Turn off the TV, close all the apps, look at your people. Look at pictures of them, pick up the phone to call them. It’s so tempting when we pick up our phones to open Instagram, Facebook or another app. Call someone you love instead. Stare at your little ones, your loved ones. If you don’t have someone you want to stare at or call? Do something today that will get you one step closer to finding your people.
6. These food pouches.  Sometimes, mama needs a break. Sometimes mama doesn’t want to steam more pears or sweet potatoes or beets. For those times, these wonderful pouches are full of the good stuff. Most store bought baby foods (even the organic ones) have hidden sugars. “Apple puree”? Yeah, that’s just another word for sugar. These pouches can be found in the dairy/refrigerated section of your local Kroger- or online. With different varieties for babies, toddlers, and kids. (Thank you Auntie Rochelle for finding them.)
7. This Ted Talk. Laughter connects us. In a time where I want to know more about what brings us together than what drives us apart? This is too wonderful.
8. This yogi. Anne Evers is 97, vegan, and a yogi. She’s still growing, learning and working to make our world better for the people coming after her. The world needs more Anne’s. Also, she inspired me to get my butt back on the mat.
9. This relationship podcast. Days are short. Life is full. Weekly reminders to love my partner are necessary. Rachel and Dave Hollis remember to love each other well. I bring all of their advice into my relationship because my husband is my very best friend and I want to invest in him and love him well. We can have exceptional relationships even when life is full.
10. This phone accessory. I fought the Popsocket for a long time y’all, but I have tiny hands and it’s so darn convenient. If you have a large phone these puppies are worth it. They also have a Popsocket stand so you can situate your phone in your car- “insert praise hands”.
That’s all for this week y’all.
My new company has a beautiful tradition of starting each morning with a thought of the day, today’s thought? “Life doesn’t make any sense without interdependence. We need each other, and the sooner we learn that, the better for us all.” Erik Erikson
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx

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  1. […] my new me time. My time to reflect and reset before the week to come. So I’m moving my “Better” series to Sunday evenings, I hope that’s alright. Maybe this is your quiet time […]


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