Miles’ capsule wardrobe

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“As soon as I saw you, I knew a grand adventure was about to happen.” Pooh
I have received some very sweet comments from you all about Miles’ wardrobe. My sweet little chicken is 6 months now, growing every day and looking chunky and cute! I often post about my capsule wardrobe, and how I curate my closet. Today? I want to share how I shop and plan for Miles.
What I look for:
Weight not size, Miles is a bit chunky for his age so I always look at a brand’s size chart for weight recommendations rather than going by months. Every brand is a bit different in size, for example Burt’s Bees baby runs big while other baby onesies are true to size- regardless check the sizing chart!
Material, if I can find and afford organic cotton items for baby I will! Lamaze organics and Burt’s Bees are some of our favorite organic lines. If it’s not organic I just make sure it’s 100% cotton!
Comfort & ease, if the item is not comfortable Miles won’t wear it- simple as that. Look for one piece items, like rompers and sleep suits, rather than two piece outfits- unless the outfit includes a onesie!
Style, I look for neutral colors, prints and patterns rather than characters, and pieces to mix and match not “sets.” The key to any simple wardrobe are pieces you can mix and match! All of Miles clothes are similar in material and pattern so they can all be worn together in different ways.
Where I shop:
Secondhand, babies grow so quickly! The more you can find second hand the better. Goodwill always has an infant bin where you can find onesies for 50 cents each. It takes a little more time to search but I have found some amazing pieces while thrifting, including Burt’s Bees items- like new!
Independent baby onesie shops, online shops can be so helpful, especially when you’re short on time! We recently quit amazon and we appreciate small, independent onesie shops. Especially when looking for something specific, like the cute matching mama and baby items pictured above.
Burt’s Bees Baby, Burt’s baby items are all 100% organic cotton. Better for the earth, the people growing and making the cotton and better for your baby. When you can afford it shop organic! I always check the sale items, remember to check size chart’s as well. We find Burt’s Bees Baby run a bit bigger and fit Miles longer- definitely worth the money.
How I organize:
I organize Miles’ clothing by size, season and outfit. Items hanging in his closet are for future use as he grows and the seasons change. For the items he is currently wearing I organize them in a shoe rack on the back of his closet door. I mix his items to make little outfits and just grab one each morning, pop it on and he’s ready to go! This type of organization is great for poo explosions and messes as well. No need to grab items out of a drawer. They’re all at eye level and already put together in outfit form.
With items Miles has outgrown I do one of two things, donate to an expecting mama or thrift store or I put away special items in our future baby bin (words I never ever thought I would write!) I don’t hold on to too much because we wouldn’t be expecting another little chicken for a long while, but there are certain items I’m happy to hold onto.
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx

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