Spring capsule starter kit

And just like that, it’s spring.
Recently, I asked on my Instagram if readers would like to see my current capsule and everyone said yes! So here it is.
In the past I had much more time to dedicate to perfecting my capsules. I also didn’t have a nanny and baby to pay for, and so I’m shifting to a capsule starter kit. A concept originally created by the wonderful Caroline on her blog Un-fancy.
What is it? A capsule starter kit is pulling 10-15 pieces of your wardrobe together while answering the following questions.
1. What is the weather like where I live this Spring?
HOT. It’s hot and humid here in Virginia, plenty of rain and plenty of heat. But you know where there’s no heat? My office building. They blast the air conditioner as soon as the sun makes an appearance so I am dressing for VA weather and for my office.
2. What is my lifestyle like right now? Where do I spend most of my time?
I’m a mama! A mama to an adorable, nursing, drooling 5 month old. I don’t see a ton of crisp white, easily stained,” hand-wash only” items in my future. I see lots of button ups that allow for nursing and pumping and clothing both professional for work AND comfortable for cuddling my little one. 
3. What colors am I into right now? What colors do I already have that might work for spring?
Blue, grey, white, olive/sage green. Natural, neutral, light. Denim.
4. How can comfort and function fit into this wardrobe? (or any of your non-negotiables when it comes to clothing)
Even with the best intentions I know I will not wear something if it is not comfortable. No matter how many times I add a dress or skirt to my wardrobe I rarely wear them. I put comfort above all else! 
Now, stand in front of your closet and pull 10-15 pieces with these questions in mind.
Here are some of mine: Universal Thread Top, Universal Thread Sneakers, Madewell Pants, Eyelet Top
My favorite outfit formula? Pants, button down, flats/sneakers/sandals. On the weekend I reach for denim shorts and a t-shirt with the same shoe options.
No need to spend money, no need to stress about planning- use what you’ve already got and love.
More tips:  Don’t be afraid to repeat items! 
Try to be realistic, you may love an item on someone else but not on you- that’s okay.
Hang items back up if they aren’t truly dirty (good for the environment & your water/electric bill)
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx



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