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I love living a slow, intentional, minimal life. I love writing about my triumphs (and my failures) here on this blog. I love sharing how I am trying to be more authentic and mindful each and every day.
But… that does not mean that my life is never busy. Living slowly and more purposefully does not mean that you will not be stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted at times. That’s life. It comes in seasons.
This season of life for us is busy, and it was all self inflicted.
First, we planned a surprise wedding. Next, we had a baby. Then, we adopted another dog. Now, we’re moving. WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! A tiny, adorable, old, wonderful, creeky, beautiful house (and yes, it’s painted millennial pink.)
All of these new adventures are positive and exciting. They’re each aligned with our purpose and getting us where we want to go. We are speeding up in order to slow down.
Sometimes, you have to speed up and be stressed out in order to get where you want to go. Life will not always be peace and bliss and quiet. There will sometimes be things to do and places to be. But if it’s all aligned with your purpose, your why, your values- then it will be worth it.
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx
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