What’s in my minimalist hospital bag?


“A mom who is fed, hydrated, rested and comfortable will be more than adequately equipped to deliver her baby.”
While I’m currently 40 weeks pregnant our hospital bags have been packed since about week 35. I feel far less anxious when I’m prepared and I thought knowing what to pack in a simple hospital bag might help other mamas-to-be!
If you Google or Pinterest search “hospital bag” you will see no shortage of results. Lots of mamas or companies telling you what to include. I didn’t go by these lists. I found a few of the suggestions helpful but most of them required tons of new purchases and “must-haves” that you just don’t need. Starting with the bag.
So many lists tell you to buy a new duffel or travel bag to pack for the hospital. But why buy new when most of us have a perfectly wonderful carry on bag? Use what you have, don’t feel the need to buy something brand new for the occasion. I’ll be using my trusty little carry on that is light weight and easy to tote.
Next, find out what the hospital will provide. I am lucky enough to have an amazing birth center (and midwives) that will provide things like: disposable underwear, pads, ice packs, spray bottles for mama and baby- pretty much all postpartum care. This saves me from needing to bring these things with me to the hospital.
The following is what my bag consists of after reviewing all the lists and asking what would be provided for postpartum care:
Toiletries: Q-tips, bobby pins, hair ties, hair brush, dry shampoo, organic deodorant, Dr. Bronner’s castile soap, organic nipplecream, organic postpartum cream, tooth brush, and tooth paste.
Clothing: Slippers, pajamas for after delivery, robe, socks and underwear, a comfortable outfit to leave the hospital in, nursing bra, and washable nursing pads,
Technology: Phone charger, camera, camera charger, phone (with hypno birthing and podcasts) and headphones. 
Other: Swim suit (just in case I want to wear it in the birthing pool), and hospital paperwork.
Whenever and however you plan to give birth I hope it is beautiful. You can’t control how your birth process will go but we can control what’s in our hospital bag- a collection of items to bring us comfort during an uncomfortable time.
“Birth is powerful, let it empower you.”
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx

3 responses to “What’s in my minimalist hospital bag?”

  1. Well you are all ready !!! Now you just need baby to be ready —-xoxo

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    1. Haha! It’s so true, just waiting on this little one to make an appearance!


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