Nursery tour


Click here for a video tour of our nursery!
Slowly, over the past few months, we have built a minimal nursery for our little one. We started with a previously loved crib and dresser and went from there.
By taking purchases slowly and intentionally we ended up only having to purchase three “big buy” items for little one. Lots of research and love went into our choices. We feel so lucky to be able to afford organic and sustainable products, and we are so lucky to have loved ones that respect and encourage our minimal and low-tox lifestyle.
My suggestions for building a minimal nursery are as follows:
1. Do your research, don’t rush to buy there’s more time than you think.
2. Choose multi-use natural products like coconut oil (lotion, diaper cream and more.)
3. Select an organic mattress and sheets if you can, as well as organic diapers. We can’t avoid all toxins in our world but we do the best we can!
4. Don’t buy multiples! Start with one carrier and then see what you need.
5. Wait to see what you need- have just the basics and buy as you go.
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx


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