Second trimester reflection

Some people say that the second trimester of pregnancy is the honeymoon phase. Your pregnancy sickness has subsided, your bump is fully showing, and you haven’t reached the trials and tribulations of the third trimester.
Now that I am firmly planted in the third trimester at 35 weeks I can tell you that this honeymoon comparison could not be more true, at least for my pregnancy.
The second trimester was full of the best things. Chase and I got married at a surprise ceremony . We went on our honeymoon to Asheville, NC, and my sister threw me the most beautiful baby shower.
My bump grew big enough that people quit wondering if it was a baby in there or just Chipotle (to be fair it was probably both.) We finished the nursery and it’s my favorite room in the whole house, decorated and stocked with the beautiful gifts our friends, family and amazing coworkers got us.
The leaves started to change and with the beautiful fall colors came the cool weather, not a moment too soon. Cuddled up and cozy each and every night.
Mentally, I settled into the idea of becoming a mama. I can’t wait. I want to hold him and squeeze him and know him. I’m so ready for this new adventure to begin.
Growing a tiny human is exhausting yes, but I will forever look back at my second trimester as the calm before the storm.
As for the third trimester I will not be so kind…more on that soon.
Bonnie Rae xx

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  1. Love your blog !!!! Thanks for sharing your adventure-xo

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  2. […] you’re so ready for baby to come out and I just couldn’t imagine it. In the first and second trimesters of my pregnancy I loved being pregnant. I loved the clothes, the kicks, the insane […]


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