I have never had a permanent home. When I was little we moved a lot, within the same small town. I used to hate it. I would get attached to a space and before I knew it I would be packing things up for a new adventure. When you have free spirited parents these things just happen. I moved 7 times growing up and every year since then.
When I was little I vowed that when I was old enough I would buy a home and never leave it. I said I would have one space and place that would never change. Little did I know that I would turn into my mother and become a free spirited wanderer, just like her. (Luckily everything about me has become just like her.)

Now? I love change. A new space to move and grow into- the possibilities endless. I think it’s what attracted me to minimalism in the first place. Less stuff makes a move much simpler. When you have only what you need and nothing else packing is no problem. I have a dream of one day only owning what I can fit in a backpack. Put me in a tiny space with 100 of my favorite items and I’m in heaven.
But- with a handsome fiance, five adorable rescues and a little one on the way my tiny-house, backpack-living dream will wait. In the mean time I’ve completely surprised myself and put down roots.
A few months ago I was ready for a new adventure. A new home, a new space- downtown? Closer to the farmer’s market and theaters? But then we found out about little one and I didn’t really want to tackle moving while six months pregnant.
And so we stayed.
And because we decided to stay I started to look at our home differently. As a wanderer I never made the big changes I wanted to because we would be leaving in a few months. Now? I’ve started nesting. Hanging frames, painting cabinets and floors (yes floors), moving bedrooms, choosing baby’s room- I’ve settled in for the first time in a very long time.
Right as we decided to settle and nest the most amazing opportunity came along, a chance to have an in home engagement & maternity photo shoot with the amazing Kara Leigh. 
After all, home is where your story begins. It’s where our family will begin. Kara was able to capture all of that and more. She captured the real us. The laughter, the love, the barking dogs and morning tea. She asked a combination of romantic and silly questions to catch our mood and reactions.
If you want to capture what home means to you, whether its a place or a person or a feeling, I strongly recommend a home shoot. Capture the real, authentic, and beautiful moments.
Collect moments, not things.
More soon,
Bonnie Rae
All photos by Kara Leigh Creative. To book your own shoot with Kara visit her website.

3 responses to “Home”

  1. Medina Moore-Mahon Avatar
    Medina Moore-Mahon

    Perfect! Absolutely wonderfully beautiful life! I love you and Chase even more for sharing you with us! Happy simple living! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We love you more Medina!!


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