Blogs to love

Inspired by Design for Mankind’s post ’10 blogs she loves to love’ – here are the top ten blogs I read and can’t get enough of.

Reading My Tea Leaves 
A simple living blog focused on life in a tiny apartment, family and more. Wonderful thoughts and inspirational pictures galore.
Design for Mankind
Erin covers topics such as family, life, minimalism, living in the Midwest and more. Her book Chasing Slow is one of my all time favorites.
I often refer to Caroline’s blog as ‘the one that started it all.’ Her approach to capsule wardrobes, style and more is just wonderful. I read her blog, beauty tips, capsule experiments and never looked back! Her free wardrobe planner guides each one of my capsules.
Rochelle Christiana
Yes she’s my sister and YES she guides my freaking life. If you all think I know anything, I prob learned it from her. Rochelle covers lifestyle topics such as wellness, travel, makeup, design and more. Just read it, she knows it all.
Slow Your Home
More of a podcast than a blog now but Brooke’s words are magic and you can find so much goodness in the archives (and on the podcast).
Coffee + Crumbs
For the Mama’s. This one has a podcast as well!
Granny Skills
Not really a blog, more of an instagram/book combo. Rebecca writes about the skills our granny’s have that need to be passed down. From natural home cleaning to drying herbs, Rebecca is helping us remember the good stuff this fast paced world has forgotten.
My favorite zero waster blogger and youtuber, she is kind and warm and full of wonderful advice (and tips for those trying to make less waste in our world.)
Niomi Smart
Fashion, skin care, health, wellness, plant based eating and more. Niomi inspires me to get up and get moving. She’s beautiful inside and out. Her cookbook Eat Smart is one of my favorites.
Dream Green DIY
Last but certainly not least Carrie’s lifestyle blog is gorgeous. She has the very best ideas and she lives in Waynesboro, a town right next to my own! It’s amazing to see someone so successful so close by. Take a look at her instagram, it’s what dreams are made of.
Share your own favorites below, which blogs are inspiring you right now?
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx

2 responses to “Blogs to love”

  1. Oh, wow!!! Thanks for including me in such a fabulous lineup!! I’m honored 🙂 And just wanted to say that you and your Instagram inspire me so much, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Carrie! You are too wonderful!


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