Plant based mama

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“So, what if, instead of thinking about solving your whole life, you just think about adding additional good things. One at a time. Just let your pile of good things grow.”
One of the questions I’ve received since announcing the little one’s arrival this December is,”Will you still be vegan during pregnancy? What about after baby comes?”
So I thought I would give some clarity, insight and love to these types of questions. First, I consider myself plant based more than I do vegan. I eat as many whole foods and vegetables as possible to keep me and baby healthy and happy. I eat vegan butters, milks, cheeses, and yogurts– all coconut based and all delicious.
So what makes me plant based rather than vegan? I eat local, raw honey. If I’m out to eat I will sometimes buy a slice of quiche or an egg salad croissant.
I believe in balance. I believe in wholeness and living well. I believe that perfection does not exist and that if we hold ourselves or the people around us to such standards that we have no where to go but down.
I would say I’m 99% vegan, and that’s alright with me. I think about adding the good stuff to my diet rather than taking away. I live to manifest abundance and love rather than deprivation and starvation.
When baby is ready he will eat the way we eat, plant based and full of goodness. The plant based diet is proven time and time again to be the very best for humans. Don’t believe me? Watch the documentary What the Health online, then we’ll talk. If I know something makes me feel so whole and healthy and connected to the world why wouldn’t I want my little one to feel the same?
I want to avoid dangerous pesticides, herbicides, and other synthetic chemicals in our baby’s environment.
I want to raise compassionate children who are confident enough in social settings to say they prefer not to eat meat, but kind enough to do it without making other children feel judged.
I want to instill a love for all creatures in our children so that they grow up with a kind spirit. And, I want to learn the truth from people we trust and pass that truth along to the ones we love.
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx
BONUS: For a beautiful example of a plant based mama raising two beautiful babes on a plant based, vegan diet click here. 

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