Plastic free July

“There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere.” Annie Leonard
I’ve written before about my zero-waste journey and how my progress has come along. July is almost here and I am taking on an additional experiment- plastic free July!
Everything plastic that has every been created is still in existence. Even if it has taken the form of another product it’s still here. Once in your hand, forever in the land fill.
Our plastic consumption is one of the largest waste producers and yet, there are so many alternatives and ways to reduce or eliminate our plastic use. While I will be participating in plastic free July I hope you’ll consider cutting down on how much plastic you use each day.
Here are the big four plastic waste products and wonderful, sustainable alternatives to consider:
1. Drinking straws – zero waste alternative
2. Takeaway or “to go” coffee cups – zero waste alternative
3. Plastic water bottles – zero waste alternative
4. Plastic shopping bag – zero waste alternative
You may already have these zero waste alternatives in your home, the trick is to remember to use them. Create a zero waste kit and pop it in your car. Bring it with you wherever you go, make it a new habit or ritual.
If Chase and I forget our reusable bags we carry everything in our hands or run out to the car to find them. We’ve received a few funny looks but only a few. Most people don’t question you when you say, ‘We don’t need a bag, thanks!”
At Starbucks or your local coffee shop they’ll be happy to use your reusable cup. If they’re confused at first take that chance to spread your message, let them know that you’re cutting down your plastic consumption and why. That’s how beautiful ideas are planted, as gentle seeds through human conversation.
If you need some extra inspiration (or a kick in the pants to cut down on this plastic stuff) look at these garbage islands in the ocean. Participate in plastic free July- you can do it, a few habit shifts and you’ll be there.
There’s no such thing as “away” it must go somewhere.
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx

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