That’s right world, we’re having a BABY! I should specify, a human baby. We already parent five little furry ones.
Little one will be arriving sometime in December; just in time for snow flakes, hot cider, Christmas music and lights. But I’m getting ahead of myself- we’re still in the middle of 90 degree days, swim suits and popcicles.
Little one was a surprise. A beautiful, unexpected, hilarious, terrifying, amazing surprise that woke us up and made us pour over with emotions. Who would have thought we wanted this so badly!? We didn’t even know. The best surprise of my life that I never saw coming, we never saw coming.
Now I want to say something to my other mamas, women, dads, men, HUMANS out there- when it comes to a surprise pregnancy there is no wrong choice you can make for yourself. I hope you know deeply within your heart that if you are not ready, that’s okay. And if you are ready, that’s okay too. If you need time to think and breathe and talk- good. No one knows your heart like you do. Every choice is the right choice. Life is long and big and scary and full of wonder. Take time to listen to your heart and your head. Know your resources and your rights. Everything is a choice, life is a choice. Don’t you ever feel guilty about doing what is best for you.
There, I’ve said my piece and I’m sticking to it.
I thought I would answer a few questions I would have for a minimalist mama to give a little insight in to my head space and my life right now. So here they are, leave any questions of your own in the comments and I will answer honestly and openly.
What have you bought for the baby?
Nothing. Not a single thing. I’m entering my second trimester and I haven’t bought a darn thing. Now I will eventually get some things for little one. I’m sure they will be well researched, organic and simple. But overall, despite what the world tells you, babies don’t need a lot. They need love, food, warmth, a place to rest- the basics. They do not need tons of plastic light up toys or the latest clothes they’ll grow out of in a week. I don’t want to weigh little one down with stuff before it even gets here. New moms are bombarded with information and products – everything seems urgent and must-have. I’ll take a slower approach, a simpler way exists. Mamas have been doing this for a long long time.
Will you blog about baby?
I will! I will share ups and downs and in betweens along the way. This blog is my favorite way to share my life and my heart, it’s also wonderful to have to look back on. One day baby can read it too! What I won’t be doing is having a “public pregnancy.” There is a strange pressure that has emerged in our world to share each and every moment of pregnancy and life with baby. From pregnancy announcements to gender reveals- its a lot. I don’t think it should be an expectation. You do not have to have a public pregnancy. So, I will share what I want to when I feel most comfortable, but it will be simple. Simple and full of love, insights and understanding. Everyone is different and everyone needs to do what feels right to them but I will say once more you are under no obligation to have a public pregnancy. Oh and gender reveals? They’re actually biological sex reveals, baby will let you know their gender.
How will your wardrobe change?
Get ready for A PREGNANCY CAPSULE! Coming soon 🙂
Will little one be a minimalist too?
I don’t know yet! Baby might be a minimalist, or they might not. It’s all about what sparks joy. As baby gets older they will decide what works for them and mom and dad will just deal. Ideals and values can’t be pushed or forced, they can be shared and exemplified but never forced.
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx
P.S. Don’t forget to leave your questions below.

4 responses to “Surprise”

  1. Austin & Mikayla Avatar
    Austin & Mikayla

    Congrats Bonnie! So excited for you both! Can’t wait for updates on the little one, keep up with the blog posts…love you much!!

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  2. Congratulations !!!! Hope you are feeling well- I was born Dec.13th and both my kids were born Dec 17th and Dec 25th !!!! Excited to hear more about your pregnancy !!!!

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    1. Thank you Nancy! December babies must all be just wonderful 🙂


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