The dress!
Life is hard. We all face challenges and setbacks. The world is not always fair or kind. We do not control the universe.
What we do control are our thoughts, our mind and our emotions.
A few months ago in April I was feeling really down. I was anxious and sad. I was letting negative emotions take over. The combination of work life, life life, and everyday challenges overwhelmed me. Anxiety was winning.
So, as I often do when this happens, I went outside with the pups and laid in the sun.
I searched for a new podcast to take my mind off of things and I found From The Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl and her episode about Manifesting Abundance.
In this podcast episode Yoga Girl Rachel Brathen talks about something none of us like to talk about- money. She talks about real life, what it costs, and how money impacts our minds and our hearts.

Rachel shares stories of abundance that at first seemed too lucky to be real. Too timely and perfect to seem possible. She manifested these situations by deciding to live in trust instead of living in fear. She chose to believe that the money she needed would come if she worked hard and manifested abundance and trust rather than feeding her fear and anxiety.
As I listened to this podcast I did what some of you may be doing now, I rolled my eyes. I thought, “Well she doesn’t have crushing student debt and anxiety does she!? She can’t have possibly have fixed her life by living in trust rather than fear.”
But slowly, after my initial cynicism faded, I decided I would lose absolutely nothing by trying. And so I began to shift my thoughts and my self-talk. I started to tell myself that life can be trusted. That the universe will provide, I just need to continue to work hard and keep myself open to possibilities.
The first moment of manifesting abundance came the very next day. I had been tracking my finances and getting serious about debt pay off using advice from amazing Youtubers and financial blogs, and I was determined to pick up a second income.
As soon as I decided to trust that the universe had a second income out there for me that would work with my 40 hour a week job I was scrolling though Instagram and saw that my favorite downtown shop was hiring! This is a shop that I had been in many times and loved. At one point I had said to my fiance Chase, “If only a little shop like this needed my help on the weekends.” And then they did. 
Not only had living in trust rather than fear manifested a second income, it had manifested a second income that I was so passionate and excited about! I quickly reached out, applied, and got the job. The shop’s owner had been trusting and manifesting abundance as well and the universe brought us together- how amazing is that!?
After this huge success I was motivated to keep going. I trusted that something would come along to help some large student loan payments, hello Public Service Loan Forgiveness.
Next, I needed a dress for a friends wedding and I trusted I would find one in my budget. I headed to a local second hand shop and found the perfect dress from Madewell; with the tags still on- for twenty dollars. I’m not kidding. And at the same time I found a pair of green Madewell pants to replace the ones I had just ripped; in my size, for nine dollars.
Then, a big health concern came into my life and it was scary and I was unsure of how to handle it or how it would impact my life. I checked with my insurance and found that all of it would be covered. Every cent. Trust, abundance. Trust, abundance.
Now I know this all sounds too good to be true. It sounded that way to me when I first heard Rachel talking about it on her podcast, but you know what? You have nothing to lose.
Give the podcast episode a listen, trust as best you can and work really really hard. Keep your heart and your eyes open. Let the world show you there is still good here. 
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx

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  1. Bonnie- Love this blog !!!!!- Happy that you are Happy-xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Nancy! So happy you love it as much as I do 🙂


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