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I’ve received some very sweet requests to share the story of my engagement. This wasn’t something I was planning to do because the day was so special, and just for Chase and I, but I share so much of my life with you all- why not this too?
Also, selfishly, I don’t want to forget the details. I want to remember every moment, word and smile that passed between us on that day. What a beautiful platform to both share and remember.
On April 23rd, 2017 Chase asked if I wanted to go on hike to High Knob Fire Tower. This place was significant for a few reasons: it’s where we had our first date, where we talked and talked and decided we cared for one another and wanted to give this thing a try, and it’s right on the border of both Virginia and West Virginia our two states.
When Chase asked me to go I thought nothing of it. We always go hiking or camping or walking and I assumed this day would be no different. We packed our water bottles and our lunch, kissed the pups and headed out the door.

On the very last bit of the hike I kept pausing to catch my breath and Chase tried to rush me along and encourage me up the hill, “What’s the hurry!?” I joked. Chase said nothing.
At the top of the mountain, where you have the most beautiful view, Chase and I explored the old fire tower, took pictures of the view, and settled in for lunch. We split a vegan burrito and really spicy chips. We had clementines for dessert.
Chase looked at me and asked, “Am I still your forever person?” “Yes, of course,” I replied, “Am I still yours?” “Yes,” he replied, “Bonnie I have something for you.” “WHAT?” I half yelled/joked.
Chase reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a tiny red box shaped like a heart. I saw it and burst into tears. I never really understood that phrase before “burst” into tears, but now I do.
Chase stood up and so did I, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes. We both cried and laughed and hugged and cried a bit more.
We spent the rest of the day calling each other fiance and saying, “We’re engorged!” Not engaged, engorged, because saying engaged felt too serious.
We still say engorged and call each other fiance. We answer, “When is the wedding!?” questions with, “We want a long engagement.” Because we do, we’ll take this adventure slowly and purposefully just as we do everything else.
When I do start to plan I will let you know. The wedding will be simple and sustainable, nothing fancy, just love.
Thank you for reading and for caring enough to write to me with requests for this post. If I left anything out you can leave questions you have in the comments.
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx

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  1. So beautiful. Just like y’all!

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  2. So sweet ….

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