p1p3p4p2Taking time out is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. No matter what you’re going through, take the time you need. Take intentional breaks when you can, whether your schedule allows for just 10 minutes or 10 days, take what you can to care for you.
Lately I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired. A bit tired, low- and that’s okay. Life will always have ebbs and flows, the important thing is that we slow down enough to recognize them. We have to slow down to hear what our bodies, minds and hearts need.
When I need to take a moment, a pause as I like to call them,  I naturally turn to my pets. During the week work and responsibilities don’t leave much time to just be with them, so when we can we plan a special outing.
Dogs already know what life is about. They know when to play and when to pause. Observe their happy hearts and wagging tails and remind yourself that everything will be okay.
Here are a few other self care ideas:
Self Care Sunday – Take time Sunday to prepare for the week ahead with a face mask, meal prep- whatever relaxes and refills you.
Spend Time with Animals – If you don’t have any of your own ask a friend to borrow their pet for a walk and play in the park, or volunteer at a Humane Society or SPCA!
Carve Out Nature Time– One of my favorite Youtubers Niomi Smart inspired this post with her video.  Take some time to get away to nature. Find a green space near you.
Take time, take care.
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx


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