There are a few myths that persist about minimalism. Some simple living folks reject the term completely because of the connotations it brings. Similar to the words “vegan” and “feminist” something beautiful has been corrupted by misinformation and a few bad eggs.
As a minimalist, vegan, feminist I’m going to try to dispel a few of these myths. The first myth- “All minimalists have clear countertops and lots of empty space.”
While I certainly own less than the average person that does not mean all of the spaces in my home are sparse and bare. In fact, empty countertops are not a joy sparker for me. If things are put away I forget about them.
If clear countertops are your thing thats wonderful, and if they’re not? That’s wonderful too.
Minimalism is for everyone and as a result it will look different for everyone. Minimalism is simply a way to clarify what adds value to your life. By clearing clutter, we make room for what’s important. We make room for the things that spark joy in our hearts.
How does your minimalism look different from others? What do you value most?
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx
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