depop Depop.
Depop is an app where you can buy and sell clothing and other items (but mostly clothing) and build a community of sellers that you love or that have the same style!
You can search by item, brand, by people and more (obviously I immediately searched Madewell).
There are two main reasons I fell in love with Depop.
1. When decluttering, there are many items you want to donate. I donated to a local thrift shop and I know that all of the items found good homes and made money for a great cause, however, there were a few more expensive clothing items that I really wanted to sell but I didn’t know where to sell them. Depop solved that!
2. I do my best to shop second hand in an attempt to go zero waste, but second hand shopping takes time. Time sifting through secondhand shops hoping to find something both high in quality and in your size. Depop means that you can shop from your home for second hand items, in your size, and in your style.
If you’ve been looking for something like this too, check it out!
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx
P.S. My only Depop warning is that it can be addicting, it’s a shop that’s always open. So be careful, remember your values. Try only using the app when there’s something specific you need to replace, not to buy more items you don’t need.


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