Winter capsule 2017

Let’s get into my winter capsule! Psst..if you need a refresher on capsules click here.  (Un-fancy knows all). 
If you’re curious about my capsule process this time around, read on! I’ll be tackling how I put my wardrobe together + budget + what I end up with + where I shop for pieces.
But first, here’s a visual of my wardrobe:

I’m going to talk dollars and cents in this post. I know everyone’s budget is very different but I wanted to be honest about mine. I hope that you can appreciate my honesty. Not everything here will work for you, and your capsule wouldn’t work for me- that’s the beauty of it! But I hope you can take the information given here and apply some of it to your own wardrobe, in your own unique way. 
The Process
I got lucky with this capsule, I finished my shopping for it in just two orders. Now that I’ve made a fair few of these things and I’ve built up my wardrobe, I know what I need and where I want to get it. This doesn’t happen right away. You’ll have to experiment with shops, materials, personal taste changes, and everything in between.
That’s what’s so wonderful about a capsule. If your style has changed, or if you are trying to find your style, you do not have to buy new items for every season right away. You can take it slowly. Look at what you have and what you still need, season by season. 
This process has changed me. It has solidified my style, it has made me more confident.
I used to buy a random shirt here, a dress there. Alway cheap, always “easy” or on sale. The pieces wouldn’t last. They either fell out of style or actually fell apart.
Now I shop with purpose and clarity.
My main goal this trip? Comfort.
I do not like being uncomfortable. If I’m not comfortable, I’m not confident.
My style is minimal + casual + natural + comfy + outdoorsy. If you need help finding your style and planning your wardrobe click here. 
I spent $350 this capsule. Now, I know that’s a lot of money but I have not shopped for clothing in six months. Each month I put $30-$50 dollars away until I meet my capsule goal (this is separate from normal savings).
I used to spend so much more on clothes. Random shopping trips for things I would wear once and never again. Sale items that made me happy for a moment but weren’t truly “me”.
This budget works for me. It allows me to buy specific investment pieces that I need.
Make sure the budget you create works for you. How much are you spending now on items you don’t need? Would you save time, energy, and resources if you switched to a capsule?
What I Bought
9 of my pieces are new this season and I love them. Some of them will carry over to spring as well.
Here are the new pieces:
All of the new clothing items are from Madewell sale (further discounts in store). And the vegan boots are from Forever 21. 
I hope this helps. I hope that if you have been wanting to create a capsule that this inspires you in some way. Be gentle with yourself and realize that the perfect capsule takes time and multiple seasons. It will get easier.
I will be sharing specific outfits from this capsule throughout the winter- stay tuned.
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx

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