Less stuff, more experiences

Sometimes, all we need is a new perspective.
I receive beautiful words of encouragement from you all. Through messages, emails, and conversations you all share with me that my journey has helped you in some way.
Nothing brings me more joy. I set out to do just that, to share in hope that my successes and my struggles would bring a new perspective, a different lens.
I stopped trying to impress others with the things that I owned and began to inspire with the way that I live. We can all do that. We can stop trying so hard to live for others and we can begin to live for ourselves.
My best way of doing just that is to have less stuff and more experiences. I stopped doing the things that didn’t matter to me to make time for the things that do.

I feel like myself. I feel more, I do more. At the top of the mountain I looked at my partner and said, “I don’t think I’ve been this happy before in my whole life.” Happy tears stained my warm cheeks, flushed from the hike.
Make a life you love. Fill your life with moments where you can’t remember being that happy.
Having less gives you the chance to be more.
Talk soon,
Bonnie Rae xx
P.S. Also remember not to take yourself (or your blog) too seriously.


One response to “Less stuff, more experiences”

  1. Bonnie you are so smart !!! Love reading your blog !!!

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