Minimalist birthday

Hi everyone! I hope you are well, and I hope you are as overjoyed about Autumn as I am.
When September 1st hits I watch for the leaves to turn, I cozy up in sweaters and blankets, and I wait for the chill in the air to come. Shortly after my excitement for Autumn hits, my birthday arrives.
I often receive questions about how to continue to live simply around the holidays, birthdays, and special events such as weddings. While I don’t have these exciting times of year perfected just yet I do have some tips that may help.
When it comes to birthdays, no matter how you feel about them, most of us have those well meaning people in our lives that want to get us something. I am fortunate enough to have those amazing people in my life.  I also love to buy other people gifts, so I know it can be hard for the people we love to hear, “I’m a minimalist now, so DON’T get me anything.”
I also know the frustration and overwhelm of receiving items that we don’t want, yet feel obligated to keep, because we love the person who gave it to us. Because of all this, I have some minimalist birthday  survival tips.

1. If people in your life want to give you a gift- let them. But also let them know what you are in need of. For example, this year I was in need of a bag that could hold my laptop, function as a backpack, and also work as an everyday purse. I did some research and found the following company and bag. Then when my partner asked me what I wanted I knew exactly what to say! People that love you want to get you something that you will love, and as you simplify you may realize you are in need of some mason jars or some reusable produce bags. Let the people that want to give you a gift give you something you need.
2. Learn to let go. If someone gives you something that does not spark joy in your heart its okay to let it go. Give yourself permission to pass the item on so that someone who needs it can find it. The person who gave you that gift wanted it to bring you joy so when it doesn’t anymore please let it go.
3. Recommend doing something together instead! Let them treat you to a wine tasting, go to a movie together, take the time to have coffee together or go on a hike! One of the best gifts we can give to others is our time.
4. Donate to a charity. Many people that know me best have donated to animal shelters or women’s programs in my name and that is the very best gift of all. Let others know of a group or non profit that you love that is in need, or you can take collections and bring them to a shelter or non profit yourself. What I know for sure is that what you give comes back to you.
These tips apply whether you are the person giving a gift or the one receiving it. 



More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx
P.S. The winner of last week’s giveaway was Nicole E.! Congratulations! You will be contacted on both Instagram and the blog.


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