DIY dry shampoo

I have been searching for a non-toxic, vegan, non aerosol dry shampoo for ages. I could never find the perfect one, so I decided to make one!
I found this recipe at Design for Man Kind (the most beautiful blog in the entire world) and I gave it a try. I wanted to test it out for a few weeks before recommending it to you all.
What have the results been? It works like a dream and I always smell like chocolate- WIN. WIN.
All you need to make this simple dry shampoo is organic cocoa powder and organic arrowroot starch flour. Why organic? Because you’re putting this directly on your scalp and our bodies absorb everything. The less chemicals, the better. For more organic hair care options check out Positive Health Wellness!

Mix equal parts of the stuff into a mason jar, or any small container, and apply with a makeup brush. You can also use a container with holes in the lid to sprinkle it on- whatever works best for you! After you apply, simply brush it into your hair and you’re done!
If applying with a makeup brush, do so carefully. Turns out cocoa powder on a white-t-shirt is not such a good look.
If you have blonde hair consider adding less cocoa powder to lighten the mixture.
That’s it! Pretty simple stuff. Isn’t that how it should be?


More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx

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