Fall capsule planning part III

It’s here! My final capsule planning post!
If you’ve been following along with my capsule planning series, this is the final installment. (If you haven’t been following along, check out part one and part two before reading this post.)
The final part of capsule planning can be simple and straight forward. It can also be frustrating and overwhelming.
It’s time to shop.
For some of you, this will be the best part of capsule planning. For others, you let out a deep deep sigh the moment you read “shop.” I fall somewhere in between these two extremes.
Wherever you fall on this spectrum it’s time to 1. see what you have left in your closet, 2. make a list of what you still need, and 3. find it!
For my fall 2016 capsule I am in need of the following items.


As you can see, my list is specific. I note the color and the style of the item I am looking for. This keeps me from buying items that grab my attention but aren’t what I need.
I used to love shopping (for things I didn’t need and have since donated).
When I began to simplify and minimize my home and my lifestyle, I began to loath shopping. I used to get so angry at myself for buying things. I would scold myself and fear that I would never be a “real minimalist.”
Please don’t do this to yourself. As you let go of items try not to bring any excess items into your home, but try not to beat yourself up about it either.
It’s time to strike a balance between overindulging and self loathing. Each time I would go shopping somewhere (and by somewhere I mean Target) I would see so many beautiful things that I wanted.
That’s why they’re beautiful, so that you’ll take them home with you. But eventually that excitement you feel over a new top or a rose gold stapler will fade and you will be left with an item in your home that does not spark joy. You will also be left with less money in your wallet.
My solution? Each time you see something beautiful that you want but don’t need 1.look at it, 2. appreciate it’s beauty, 3. thank it, and 4. let it go. Pick up that set of floral patterned gift cards and stationary, appreciate it’s beauty and that it makes you happy, thank it for sparking a moment of joy in your heart, and then set it back down. This sounds so silly, but it works. 
Do this as you shop for your capsule. If you see something really cute or on sale but that’s not on your list? Hold it, appreciate it, then let it go.
I am happy to report that I have found two of the items on my list! My fall jacket and one of my dresses. Both were found at Buffalo Exchange in Portland, OR during my visit there recently (Ming was not included, she just wanted to hang).
Make your list, make it specific, and start shopping. Go to thrift stores, ThredUP, Plato’s Closet, and more! Keep your budget and your list in mind at all times.
You’ve got this!
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx

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