7.16.16 Fall capsule planning part II

Welcome back! I’m so excited to share the second installment of my fall capsule wardrobe series! The reaction to the first post was so positive- I couldn’t wait to share more!
The second step to my capsule planning process, after filling out the wardrobe planner, is sorting through my off season clothes. This may seem self explanatory but it’s such an important part of the process.
We don’t know what we need until we know what we have. 
Before simplifying my life I would accidentally buy four of the same type of top because I literally couldn’t remember what I already had. It was a waste of time and a waste of money.

If you are decluttering your closet and you’re having trouble knowing what truly sparks joy, try leaving your house and mentally recalling each item of clothing you have. When you return home if there’s something you couldn’t recall, let it go. This may sound extreme but if we can’t recall something it probably doesn’t bring us much joy.
I touch each off season item I have put away for fall and if it sparks joy I bring it into my new capsule, if not I thank the item and place it in my ThredUp donation bag.


This time around, I only had two items to let go of. This is my fifth capsule so I’ve had a full year of making mistakes and decluttering my clothes.
If this is your first or second capsule you will probably have more pieces to thank and let go. You obviously do not need to use a ThredUp cleanout bag. I donated many items from previous capsules to my local thrift store- do whatever works for you!
But make sure that whatever you choose to let go of gets out of your house. Try not to let it sit around making more clutter in your space, thank it and send it off to its new home.
Here are my pieces for fall that still spark so much joy. I was so happy to see them! It was important to put them away to let them rest but I think they were happy to be out of my storage box!


Big news ya’ll, the overalls are back.


It’s time, pull out all of your off season clothing and find out what you already have that you love.
Remember, you won’t know what you will need for your new capsule until you know what you already have.
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx

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