7/11/16 Fall capsule planning

If you have been wanting to make a capsule wardrobe but haven’t had the time, haven’t felt inspired, or for a host of other reasons- start fresh, start now, and plan with me!
I have started planning for my fall 2016 capsule wardrobe and I am going to be blogging all of the steps I go through to complete a capsule. If you want to plan and capsule with me download this free wardrobe planner from Unfancy and let’s get started!
(If you’re not into capsule wardrobes or capsule planning- that’s okay! There will be future posts for you including a recipe for an all natural dry shampoo made from just two ingredients!)
Remember, planning takes time. Change takes time. Do not rush yourself or feel like your first (or fifth) capsule has to be perfect. If something goes wrong say to yourself, “How interesting! How fascinating!” And move on. 

Slow and simple living is not about being perfect. It is about caring for your life and for yourself by focusing on what brings you joy.
So as we plan, “Slow down. Be intentional. Notice the energy you are bringing into this space and moment.” Brandon Burchard.
Be gentle with yourself. Let’s begin.
1. Decide how long you want your capsule to last. Initially, I couldn’t decide how long I wanted this capsule to carry me. Some people have capsules that last 6 months or 4 rather than 3. I decided that, for now, I will stick to the three month rule and this fall capsule will be for August, September, and October.


Use your capsule to brainstorm! This is a creative tool, it is not meant to be rigid with hard and fast rules.
2. Recall what you love to wear, and what don’t. What pieces do you always reach for? Why do you reach for them? Why do you love them? Write all of this down! If you need to, go sit in your closet and list the pieces that make you smile. The ones you would wear every single day if you had the opportunity. For example, if I could wear my shorteralls every single day I so would.
Also think about the items that you own but stay in your closet, write them down too. Why don’t you wear them? Maybe they’re uncomfortable or not your style. Maybe they wrinkle easily and you don’t want to iron them (or maybe, like me, you decluttered your iron). DSC00116


As you can see I am not a fan of traditional work clothes. I feel stuffy in blazers or pencils skirts. This past capsule I made a blazer work but it’s not something I will be carrying on into my next capsule- how fascinating! 
3. Special occasions and travel. Write down the events you have coming up that this capsule will need to see you through! This past capsule I had two weddings, and this fall capsule I have my birthday! Use the list and the lifestyle pie chart to figure out where you spend your time and what type of capsule you will need. As you can see for mine, I spend a good bit of time in an office but I also have leisure time and date nights factored in.


4. Weather. Do a little research on the weather in tour area during this time! It’s a simple thing to do but it really helps you plan for the changing weather and seasonal shifts.
5. Use word association, brands, and colors to better understand your style and where to shop. I am currently in search of sustainable, affordable places to find work clothing. If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comment section below!


6. Set a budget, make your shopping list. Many of us have set a budget and made a list like this before- for grocery shopping! We look at the food items we have at home, we think about food combinations and recipes to put together, and we make a list for what we still need! Now just do the same with your closet!


Everyone’s budget will be different. A capsule closet is a format or a formula but each capsule is unique!
I used to shop constantly. Now, I only shop four times a year. I am spending so much less on clothing overall and I am buying fewer, higher quality items.
This is my fifth capsule wardrobe and I am so thankful I started this process a year ago. I was a bit overwhelmed and nervous when I started. There was so much to go through, so much to look at. But I knew I needed a change.
Trying something new can be a powerful reminder that it’s never too late to change your life. Changing my wardrobe empowered me to make so many other positive changes.
Bit by bit these changes add up. Before you know it your life and your energy will change. You’ll look back and think, “How did all this start with my closet?”
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx

5 responses to “7/11/16 Fall capsule planning”

  1. I’m so glad you’re doing this little series! I love the idea of building a capsule wardrobe, but i always get stuck and give up. I’m looking forward to seeing your process 🙂


    1. Thank you Rylie! I am so happy that you are enjoying it. Next post will be up this weekend!


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