Casual friday

Capsule 4. Outfit 4.
In my amazing office we can wear jeans on Friday! This may not excite some of you but I love jeans. In both high school and college I never wore sweatpants to school (not once) because I think jeans are more comfortable!
So anyhow, in my office we can wear jeans on Friday as long as we wear our school’s colors which are purple and gold. I didn’t want to purchase additional shirts or gear that I would only wear on Friday so I always wear jeans with my provided work polo!
This outfit has become my Friday uniform and it makes it so easy  to get ready. Getting ready is already simplified because of my capsule but having a uniform of sorts makes it even easier.
I’ve mentioned before how women have so much pressure put on them when it comes to dressing for work. Men just combine pants, shirts, ties and call it good! Why are women expected to navigate the complex world of pencil skirts and pant suits while men get to repeat different versions of the same outfit?
I say we reclaim the uniform! Find combinations that work for you consistently. Do you always pair skinny jeans with a blazer? Do you prefer summer dresses with boots or sandals? What is your unofficial uniform? Mine is cropped dress pants with a boxy top or button up!
And check out this inspiring, amazing woman who literally wears the same thing to work everyday.
For more uniform inspiration click here.
More tomorrow,
Bonnie Rae xx
P.S. The cutie in the picture with me is our new rescue pup named Max. He’s 8 years old and lived most of his life outside- now he sleeps in bed with us every night! We love him endlessly. #adoptdontshop
Top: Work polo!
Jeans: H&M
Sandals: Old Urban (similar pair here)

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