Graphic tee + blazer + skirt

Capsule 4. Outfit 2.
Here it is, my second outfit post for this week! This outfit is my personal take on business casual. I love to fit a more casual clothing item with something slightly “fancier”.
I think too often we lose our style when we have to dress professionally, but you don’t have to!
This is my fourth capsule wardrobe and this is the very first capsule where I feel I’ve truly found my style. Each item within my wardrobe feels authentic, my clothes feel like an extension of my personality.
I was not always at this place. I had to do some digging, brainstorming, and reflecting to find my style and the clothes I feel best in. I’ve never felt more myself with just 32 items of clothing.
You don’t need a whole closet full of “just in case” items or things that you bought because they were “almost” what you wanted. Forget sale prices, everything is 100% off when you don’t buy it!
Build a small, intentional closet that you love completely. 
You don’t have to go shopping to build your capsule, start with what you have. Go through your clothing and only keep the items that you reach for consistently. For more on how to build a capsule check out my previous post.
And for additional inspiration check out this Ted Talk about a woman with a ten item wardrobe!
More tomorrow,
Bonnie Rae xx
Top: Brandy Melville 
Blazer: old Target (similar one here)
Skirt: old Forever 21 (similar one here)
Boots: old Forever 21 (similar pair here)


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