5.31.16 Summer capsule

It’s done! It’s finally perfect! (Well close to perfect, which is good enough for me!)
I have finalized my summer capsule and it feels so good. This capsule will carry me through June, July, and August. I will not buy anything or shop for any reason- even for “special occasion” pieces.
A capsule wardrobe is an intentional way to simplify your closet, find your style, and stop spending money on clothing that excites you for a moment but quickly fades to the back of your mind (and the back of your closet).
A capsule can vary in size, style, and clothing type. I usually shoot for 37 pieces but this is an arbitrary number. This number includes clothes, shoes, and accessories. It excludes lounge and workout gear, or in my case hiking and yoga gear.

This season I landed on 32 items! 32 beautiful items, some old and some new.
I begin the capsule process by filling out a capsule wardrobe planner. There are many free templates available but I always use Caroline’s planner from Unfancy. It’s beautiful and thought provoking- so is she.
The planner helps you discover the items you need in your capsule and it helps you discover your style. Through brainstorming, word association, and recalling your “go to pieces” you will uncover just what you need- no more and no less.
And yes, that is a tiny little Ming paw in the top left hand corner of the first photo, she is my best “helper”.
I always complete this step even if I think I know what I need in my capsule. There’s something beautiful about writing it all down. It brings clarity and solidifies all of the rambling thoughts in my head.
Next, it’s time to shop! I set myself a budget and spend all of my money on paper before I go shopping.
This shopping trip (I only have 4 a year) I was lucky enough to be in Los Angeles, California with my wonderful cousins who took me to all of my favorite shops!
I also took one other trip with my best friend to Richmond, Virginia.My bestie and I make a few trips to Richmond each year to stock up on Lush products and to visit Madewell and a few other shops.
When you shop less you can make your shopping trips and your purchases more purposeful.
When you buy less, your purchases become more intentional and you cultivate a wardrobe that you love. Not one that you stare at and think, “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!”
Below is my summer capsule wardrobe.
Instead of taking pictures of each item individually, I’m trying something a little bit different.
For the next week or so, I’ll be posting my daily outfits. This way you will be able to see how the pieces of my capsule work together in my everyday life.
Starting with today, Tuesday. Yesterday was Memorial Day and I had off of work so today was my first day back after a long weekend.
(Scroll over pictures to see where items are from.)
So there it is! That’s my summer capsule.
I’ll be back each day this week with a daily outfit post from my capsule- see you soon!
Bonnie Rae xx

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