4.24.16 Hair tutorial

Hi everyone!
I’ve been receiving lots of sweet and wonderful comments about my hair lately. I’ve also received questions about how I style it each day, so I thought I would film a short hair tutorial for those that are interested!
First, a little background on hair treatments and how I have it colored and styled. I get my hair cut by Alex Mueller at The Studio salon in Harrisonburg, VA. When I go I ask for an ombre/balayage and Alex takes care of the rest! If you’re not based in Harrisonburg and you want to have your hair ombre I recommend calling a salon and asking who is the best at it- that’s how I found Alex!
It also helps to take pictures in of the cut and color that you wish to have! Everyone’s hair is different but it can be helpful for your stylist to have a visual of what you want rather than just a verbal description.
I prefer the ombre or balayage style because I love my natural hair color and I don’t want to lose it but I love the texture and dimension the blonde gives my hair. It’s also super low maintenance and does not have to be touched up frequently at all!
In regard to hair care, I have a (vegan) conditioning treatment done at the salon each time it is colored and I use Alba hair shampoos and conditioners because they are vegetarian and cruelty free.
In all of my decluttering and minimizing I decluttered my hair dryer! I have been living without a hair dryer for six months now and I don’t miss it one bit! I let go of the hair dryer because I wanted to lessen my impact on the environment while simultaneously using less heat on my hair, and owning just one less thing.

I thought I needed my hair dryer and that was also another reason I wanted to give it away. We often tell ourselves that we need something but in reality our life would be just as wonderful without it- even more so! I worry when I convince myself I need something because then, I feel it has some sort of power over me.
I have found that once you need less, you will have more.
Ultimately, I want to live a light, simple, slow life. A hair dryer may seem like a very small luxury to let go of but it has led to letting go of many other things I thought I needed.
Click here for the hair tutorial! 
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx

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