12.28.15 Clutter creep & december favorites

Hi everyone!
I hope you had a joy filled holiday no matter what you celebrate! I enjoyed my holiday away, but I am happy to be home.
There’s something about being away that makes you really appreciate home, no matter how wonderful your trip was.
When I walked in our front door I felt so peaceful, calm, and extremely grateful. I was also in awe of how simple and clean everything was. I don’t think I realized the full effect our decluttering had until I stepped away from it for a while.
Our home is simple, clean, and full of things that spark joy. I am endlessly grateful.

That being said, we brought some Christmas gifts  into our home. When bringing items in, it’s important to reevaluate what you already have in order to avoid clutter creep. Try not to let “stuff” build up and clutter your life again.
With fresh eyes and a new appreciation for our home, I did another declutter sweep. I gathered all of the things that I had not used in 2015 and a few other bits that no longer sparked joy.
With new eyes that had been away for a while, I was able to see what we no longer needed.
If you are currently trying to declutter, taking a few moments away from it can really help. You can even leave your house for a while and try to recall the items in it. What can you think of or remember that you need or love? If you can’t recall items, do you really need them? See what’s in your home that you couldn’t remember and ask yourself again if that item really sparks joy.
For more tips on clutter creep, and how to avoid it, watch this video.
Here is a picture of the items we donated after we got home!

2015-12-28 14.30.13

Decluttering creates new space and more time. Minimal or simple living is not synonymous with deprivation. Remind yourself of the new adventures and discoveries you have had since simplifying and celebrate them!
December is almost over, so I thought I would share a few things that I have really been enjoying this month. All of these December favorites were discovered after I decluttered and simplified.
I feel like my life is filled with so much more excitement and energy now that I have more time and space!
Without further adieu, my December favorites.
1. Zen Habits by Leo Babauta
2015-12-28 14.14.06
A simple, purposeful book about living simply and happily.
1. Duolingo app


A free language software and application- I’m learning Italian!
3. Bath bombs/Lush
Lush products are vegan, non animal tested, all natural, and luxurious- what’s not to like!?
4. Baking soda toothpaste & electric toothbrush
2015-12-28 14.17.37
I have been experimenting with natural toothpastes and I like this one the best! Watch this video for the recipe and how to use it. I also received an electric toothbrush for Christmas! Another example of how you can ask for items you “need” rather than what you might “want”.
5. French press

2015-12-28 14.18.43

I have been wanting to get rid of our coffee maker for a while now. It produces waste (filters) and ultimately makes a poorer cup of coffee. This french press was given to us by my sister who no longer needed it- beautiful, useful, and free! We have used this everyday since we got it- yum!
6. Dear Sugar podcast
Advice column style podcast with Steve Almond and Cheryl Strayed (author of Wild) for the lost, the lonely, and the heartsick. If you haven’t heard of this yet, please trust me and listen right away.
7. Tiny House Giant Journey – YouTube


This adorable couple and their dog travel across North America in their tiny house and interview other tiny house builders/owners. If you are at all interested in tiny homes or alternative living styles check out their YouTube channel.
What are some things you have been enjoying this month? Have you made new discoveries or been on new adventures?  I hope so!
Thank you for reading.
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx

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