12.19.15 Holiday capsule outfits

Hi there!
A reader recently asked me how my clothing capsule works during the holidays. Do I buy special items for holiday functions and events?
One of the greatest benefits of a capsule wardrobe is saving money, so I don’t do any additional shopping.
Before decluttering and minimizing my stuff, I would always go out before special events and buy something new. Then, that new item would be worn once and sit in my closet for the rest of the year. Even if I told myself I would wear the item again, I never did! Sound familiar to anyone?

I thought I would share a few of the outfits I will be wearing this holiday from my current capsule wardrobe so you can have an idea of how a capsule works- even for special events! If you want to add some special occasion pieces to your capsule that is completely up to you, but I promise you can do it without them!
Outfit 1-Formal
For holiday parties or special events! (Scroll over pictures to see where items are from.)
Outfit 2- Relaxed
For work parties or holiday outings!
Outfit 3- Casual
For tacky christmas sweater parties or relaxing on x-mas day!
Holiday shopping can be tempting. We tell ourselves we need something new to celebrate or ring in the new year. We may want those things, but we don’t need them.
Take a second look at your wardrobe. What new outfits can you create with what you already have?
I hope this helps!
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx

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