12.11.15 My weekend rituals

Hi everyone!
Today I thought I would share more about my weekend (or day off) rituals.
Too often the words simple, slow, and minimal have connotations of living without. While there is an emphasis on letting go of items and living with less, that in no way means you have to live without.
In fact, after decluttering and simplifying my life I have so much more. More happiness, more time, more space, more positivity- just more.

I use all this more, especially my time, to indulge in daily rituals and other special things.
During the week my rituals still exist but they take a different form because I spend a lot of time at school and work. So here are me weekend or day off rituals!
The very first thing I do when I wake up is say good morning to my Kiley pup. She has her own little bed and I wake up and say, “Good morning Kiley!” She knows this means it’s time to wake up and go for a walk!
I love walking with her. I love the cold, crisp air and the quiet of the morning- Kiley loves it too. It’s such a beautiful way to start the day. If you don’t have a pet to walk, I still recommend getting outside first thing. Take a short walk outside and say hello to the earth, she will say hello right back.
Next, I bring Kiley in and Ming is ready for her outside time! Ming loves being outside, so she takes a little walk around the neighborhood and then we head back inside.
After that I get everyone fresh water. Every single morning whether it’s a weekday or a weekend I start my day with a big glass of lemon water. (I make sure my lemons are organically grown and that they’ve been washed with fruit and veggie cleaner, no pesticides for me please!)
2015-12-11 10.14.35
After my water and before I look at my phone or have any noise enter my mind, I have a 20 minute yoga practice. I didn’t always have time for yoga. Before simplifying and decluttering my poor little yoga mat just sat in a corner untouched. With my reclaimed time and space I happily indulge in a yoga practice. Kiley and Ming love to do yoga too.
After yoga I reach for my journal. My journal is something I use on weekdays too. I write down three things that I am thankful for. Well technically I write six because I am always thankful for Andrew, Kiley and Ming. After saying thank you for my little family I write three more things. Today I am very thankful for: my strong little hands, phone calls with my sister, and my yoga mat.
Here is the journal I am currently using. It’s from The Lady Jane shop in downtown Harrisonburg!

2015-12-11 10.19

Finally, I make some breakfast. Breakfast and I have a very interesting relationship. Before slowing down my life I never ate breakfast. I would make coffee or tea and not eat anything until lunch time. I know how bad this was for me. Having coffee on an empty stomach-yikes! So in the past four months I have gotten to know breakfast a little bit better each day.
I started by eating a piece of fruit each morning, a banana or an apple. I slowly worked my way up to avocado toast and a green smoothie or a brown rice breakfast mush.
Breakfast and I still aren’t best friends but we appreciate each other. I know how important breakfast it and I am thankful for it.
Here is my breakfast from this particular morning: creamy rice with brown sugar, and another big glass of water!
All of these morning rituals take about one or two hours, depending on how long Kiley’s walk goes. I know there are always things to do, but intentionally say “not right now” to those things and take time for rituals that make you happier.
Slowing down has made me more intentional. I no longer buzz through life without noticing anything. I hear more,  I see more, and I feel more. I wake up with a thankful heart instead of rolling out of bed completely exhausted because I didn’t get enough sleep- again.
We need to take care of ourselves. You can not pour from an empty cup. Design your life to fill you up and give you energy wherever you can. Start with something small and keep going.
Spend the first week drinking a big glass of water as soon as you wake up. Take the next week to drink your water and journal a little each morning.
With your new space and time you can indulge in daily rituals that fill up your cup.
Your rituals may look very different from mine.
Take some time to find out what rituals spark joy for you and start creating a life that gives you energy, instead of one that drains you.
What are those things you always wish you had time for? (For me it was yoga and writing.) Recognize what those things are for you and make time for them.
Be gentle with yourself, this isn’t another opportunity to beat yourself up. Your rituals don’t have to happen all at once and they don’t have to be perfect. They are only meant to bring more joy to your life and to your heart, nothing else.
I hope this helps.
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx

2 responses to “12.11.15 My weekend rituals”

  1. Hi Bonnie, I started drinking lemon water every morning back in February when it was part of a cleanse I did with my yoga instructor . I use organic lemon juice instead of real lemons. It has become part of my morning routine along with the breakfast they recommended . You might like it . Cut up an organic apple cook with a little bit of water add cinamon & raisins and some organic oatmeal . It’s the best. Just thought I’d share . Deb


    1. Deb, that sounds amazing! I’m going to try it tomorrow, thank you so much!


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