12.8.15 Where are the rest of my clothes?

A reader recently asked me a question that I thought others might be interested in, “Where are the rest of the clothes!?” I currently have a 35 piece wardrobe for the winter season, but I obviously have other clothing items like shorts and flip flops. So, where are they!?
I keep my off season clothes in this cute duffel bag from Target. Yes all of my other clothing items fit in one bag.

2015-12-08 14.59.05

In total that means I have about 60 items of clothing (and shoes) and it’s so nice.
I did not get to this place overnight. As I decluttered my wardrobe and my home it became clear to me what sparked joy and what didn’t. I came to know myself (and my wants and needs) much better.
It’s interesting, I brought out the pieces in this bag so I could show them to you all and I found even more pieces that I want to give away (I took pictures of them for this post first).
Decluttering is a process, and I’m enjoying listening to my heart and understanding myself more each day.
Here are the items that are in the duffel bag:
As I continue to learn and evolve, so will my wardrobe. It will remain this small (maybe even smaller), and I will keep with the capsule concept, but I will stay open to change and growth.
One of my favorite things about capsule wardrobes is not seeing some of my clothes for a little while. When clothes are away from me for a bit, I see them more clearly the next time.
When I opened this bag I smiled as I brought out the pieces that still spark joy and I immediately knew which ones no longer did. I thanked them for once bringing me joy and for clothing me and then I let them go. I’ll do this once more when it’s time to put together my spring capsule.
I also recently let go of a top from my current winter wardrobe because I wasn’t wearing it. I didn’t think I was going to replace it at first, but then I remembered I had about $10 of credit on ThreadUp (you send clothes in and they give you credit to shop).
I ended up finding a sweater that immediately sparked joy. I loved the neckline, the stripes, and that it was under $10!
Here is the “new to me” sweater in my current capsule wardrobe.
Remember that as you create a more simple wardrobe, you don’t have to follow steadfast rules and regulations. Don’t let the process box you in, instead let the process open you up.
Let it help you destress and get to know yourself more- I’m so happy I did.
Talk soon,
Bonnie Rae xx



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