11.24.15 Winter capsule outfits

Hi there!
I’m so excited that people have actually been reading this blog. I would still be happy doing it if no one read it because it’s a great way to talk about what I love and my more simple lifestyle, but it is so amazing that people are reading it and finding it helpful!
I decided to make my next post about outfits that I wear on a daily basis from my current capsule wardrobe. When making a capsule wardrobe it’s really important to think about what kind of clothes you wear most often. I mentioned in an earlier post that while  I really enjoy looking at professional blogger’s capsules they never seemed doable for me because all of their clothes were so casual.

I wondered if I could get by with so few pieces when I need both work clothing and casual clothing. So, here are five of the outfits I currently wear from my capsule to work! I chose to show five work outfits because I spend five days a week at my job. My office has a business casual dress code so I didn’t need suits or anything super fancy, but I am sure that a capsule wardrobe would work for that setting as well!
Why do I think that? Because this smart and amazing woman wore the same outfit to work every day for 3 years and she said it saved her. She makes a great point that many people already wear the same thing every day without notice: it’s called a suit. Men get away with it all the time! We think everyone is judging what we wear and that makes it stressful to get dressed in the morning.
I remember that feeling. I worried what people would think of my outfit instead of focusing on doing great work and helping people. Now that I have my capsule wardrobe, getting dressed is FUN! It’s fun because I love every single item in my closet. Every. Single. One. They all make me feel beautiful and they’re also super comfortable.
Without further adieu, five work outfits from my winter capsule wardrobe.
Outfit 1 – Black pants, grey top, brown boots, statement necklace, winter coat (scroll over pictures to see where the items are from)
Outfit 2 – Maroon pants, grey top, brown boots, rose gold leaf earrings
Outfit 3 – Faux suede skirt, striped turtleneck, brown boots, tights (Kiley wanted in on the photoshoot)
Outfit 4 – Grey top, pleated black skirt, fleece lined tights, black flats, stud earrings
And last but not least Outfit 5 -Grey cozy sweater, black dress pants, brown boots (Can you tell I love those boots!?)
There they are! Five work outfits from my capsule wardrobe, I’ll be back soon with some casual outfits for my days off!
Bonnie Rae xx

5 responses to “11.24.15 Winter capsule outfits”

  1. Bonnie I love this !!!! thanks

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    1. I’m so glad that you liked it! Thank you!


  2. Love these looks! I’m mentally getting myself ready for the capsule wardrobe approach after I just completely “KonMaried” my closet, and still don’t have much left that sparks joy – just had to keep some basics for function. I’m simultaneously sad (a little) that I let my wardrobe become so un-joyful, and yet super excited to start again. Any tips for how you first started? Did you use a guide or a list? How did you know what you were first looking for? Thank you!

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    1. Hi Heather! What an amazing and important question. I had a very similar experience with my clothes. After giving so much away I was left with little and I also felt like I wasn’t sure what my “style” was anymore. So, I started paying attention to what I reached for most. Ask yourself, what’s my favorite outfit? Which item would I wear everyday if I could? After doing that I realized that grey tops were my favorite- and surprisingly I didn’t own many before making my wardrobe! I invested in three grey tops (that were below $20 each) and then my wardrobe started to take shape. There are also great free wardrobe planners like this one:http://www.un-fancy.com/capsule-wardrobe-101/free-wardrobe-planner/
      I hope this helps! Keep reminding yourself that it’s a process. Be gentle with yourself and make it fun rather than a chore or a stressor. Thank you so much for your question and for reading!


  3. […] 3. Lastly, after you have sorted through and really pared down (only keeping what really sparks joy) it’s time to see what you’re missing. I pared down so much that I was left with four or five tops and not enough work clothing. So I looked at: what I had, what I loved, and what I needed. I purchased three grey tops that are currently in my winter wardrobe (they were in my fall wardrobe as well) and one pair of dress pants (the maroon one’s in my winter wardrobe). […]


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