11.23.15 Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Day 1: Winter Capsule Wardrobe

What is a capsule wardrobe? 
How to build a capsule wardrobe.
I was first inspired to create a capsule wardrobe after being introduced to Unfancy . Caroline (Unfancy’s owner) is stylish and kind and an amazing blogger. After reading her posts I felt so inspired; however, I just couldn’t get started.
I would give  few items of clothing away at a time without making a real dent in my wardrobe. I also couldn’t seem to get a sense of what my style was. As fashionable and beautiful as Caroline is, she works from home and didn’t have any “professional” or “work” attire. As a graduate student, I work twenty hours a week in a Career and Academic Planning office. I am a career counselor and academic advisor to undergraduate students, and I have to balance work clothes with casual clothes- without losing my sense of style.

Then my sister recommended the now infamous The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying UpI read this beautiful little book and soaked up every word, and I realized that I needed to declutter everything in my apartment- not just my clothes. So I began decluttering and donating so much that I took four or five garbage bags of items to my local thrift shop every week. (I know this book isn’t for everyone but I was raised both Hindu and Mennonite and the concepts in this book had me smiling and nodding my head with each page I read.)
Four months later and I am still giving things away. Four months later and I finally have a capsule wardrobe that makes me so happy. Four months later and I don’t stress about getting dressed each day because I love every single item I own. Four months later and the lifestyle of simple (or slow) living and minimalism has brightened my heart and given me so much energy.
Here is my current (2015/2016) Winter Capsule.
I don’t have a specific target number of items but I’m comfortable with about 35-38.
I hope this is somewhat interesting or helpful!
I’m happy to answer any questions or give more details as needed. I’ll be back with another simple day very soon.
Bonnie Rae xx

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