Spring capsule 2021

It is one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold,

when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.

Charles Dickens

I welcome this spring. I welcome her sunshine and rain and flowers. I invite her cool and cleansing breeze into my home. Into my heart. I love her dearly and invite her in like an old friend I have not seen in too long.

My spring capsule is always one of my favorites. I dream of florals and white, bows and lace and simple light fabrics. I fold my sweaters away and thank them for keeping me warm and safe.

I slip into my long, yellow, gingham sundress on the first warm day.

Oh how I have missed you sister spring. Thank you for all of your wisdom. Thank you for the life you bring back to the earth, the life you bring back to my soul.

Here you will find my inspiration for spring. I always put together a Pinterest vision board to dream up and plan what I need and what I want for the season to come.

What will you cultivate this spring?

My spring capsule is almost done, I will share more pieces and outfits soon.

More soon,

Bonnie Rae xx

What I’m cultivating this spring:

this podcast

this instagram esthetic

and this instagram

this book

my home

winter capsule 2021

What if I want to live simply? To drink coffee and watch the sunrise with no where to go.

In 2015 I started my minimalism journey. I began saying no to things I didn’t need, to people that weren’t meant to be in my life, and to anything that I didn’t want to do.

If it wasn’t a hell yes then it was a hell no.

I’ve grown and changed so much in the pat 5 years, creating habits and learning more about intentional and simple living than I ever thought I could.

To have continued these healthy habits for five years is no small feat, so I am celebrating myself and honoring how far I’ve come.

I’m a bit late in sharing my winter 2021 capsule wardrobe, I took much of December to rest and reset. These clothes will carry me from December through February. A combination of comfort and style, each piece chosen because it sparks joy when I hold it.

Gone is decision fatigue and “having nothing to wear.” Replaced with beauty and simplicity and far less clothing, each piece feels like me.

27 items including shoes for this capsule. Not pictured are two winter coats and a few pairs of earrings.

More soon,

Bonnie Rae xx


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How to build a capsule wardrobe 2020

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Building capsule wardrobes feels second nature to me now. I have been making them since 2015 and I have a rhythm and system that works for me.
As I share this rhythm and system with you, know that you can adjust and bend this to make it work for you.
When I started building capsules, I followed the wonderful guide that Caroline Joy lays out in her blog Unfancy.  I started with 35-37 items a capsule, and now I hover somewhere around 25 items. There is no perfect number, you need to do what makes the most sense for you, not what suits someone else.
That being said, I know it can be helpful to have a guide to follow. Here are my steps, process, and guide to building my capsule wardrobe. I hope it helps get you started, without boxing you in or limiting you.
If you try this, PLEASE tag me in your outfit posts on Instagram! Or hashtag #simpledaysbonnierae, and I’ll find them.
Step 1 – Imagine
A capsule wardrobe without a vision or a vibe is nothing. When you are working with such a small number of items in a wardrobe, you need to like the items you choose. If you choose a bunch of items that are great in theory but you actually hate wearing or don’t fit the season you are in – what’s the point!?
It’s time to hop on Pinterest or your saved image section of Instagram to find outfits you love for the season you are entering. Here was the inspiration for Fall 2020, I am still searching for the perfect clog.
As you search and grab images, be open to new styles. Try to move quickly and save the images that speak to you. Maybe one post is about the top, another one is the shoe. Start compiling without judgment and without limiting yourself. Who knows, an entirely new style might emerge!
If you get stuck at this stage, please DM me on Instagram. Or send me an email. We’ll get you unstuck.
Step 2 – Sort and declutter
If you have never made a capsule wardrobe before, it is now time to follow the KonMari method with your clothing. In short, take every single item of clothing you own and pile it on your bed or in your living room.
When I say every item, I mean it! Check your car, your closets, your attic, your garage. Every jacket and shoe and sock and glove better be on that pile! When you have it all together, it’s time to sort. According to KonMari, you must hold each and every item and ask yourself if the item sparks joy for you or not.
Does it make you smile? Does it make you light up? Do you envision taking this piece with you into the future?
If you get stuck, return to step 1. Look at your planning and your vision, does the item you are holding fit in? Is it part of the life and person you are creating? If yes, keep it. If not, thank it for its service and let it go.
If you want this step in far more detail, please read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up or look for videos from KonMari on decluttering on YouTube.
If you want someone to walk with you through this process, I am open to video consultations, contact me here. Or on Instagram.
Step 3 – Sort what remains
Your capsule will be dependent on your lifestyle and where you live.
I am able to dress casually at work, and Virginia experiences all four seasons. So when I plan for fall, I take this into account. I look at average temperatures across the season where I live. And I plan for any special events I may need to dress up for.
I have a separate capsule for conferences and special work events, and a mini capsule for loungewear. Exercise wear and lounge clothes are not part of your day to day capsule.
Tackle one thing at a time. If you are planning for Fall 2020, take the out of season clothes that remain after your declutter and store them. I place mine in two protective containers and store them in a closet.
With all that remains, you are already forming your capsule. Take a second look and make sure that your items are all joy sparkers.
Next, assess what you need. Maybe you need a great pair of vintage jeans and a scarf. Maybe you gave away some boots that you didn’t love and are in need of a new pair. Go back to your inspiration board and look at what you loved. What are you missing and what will you replace it with?
When I shop, I stick to Madewell and Poshmark. I only look for what I need. I only shop a few times a year, when forming my new capsules. I also set a budget. This will look different for everyone. Your budget and your needs should be realistic. And most of your capsule should come from what you already have.
The fashion industry is a huge polluter and contributor to human rights abuses. Do your best to use what you already have, without holding onto items that no longer suit you. A balance that will come easier each time you build a capsule.
Tips and tricks
– Use what you already have.
– Do not skip the planning stage – it will make each step after that much easier.
– Be flexible with the number of items in your capsule, try not to compare yourself to others (if you NEED a number, try to stick to 33-37 items.)
– Get inspired by other resources (Unfancy and Project 333 are two of my favorites.)
That’s it! Be sure to follow my Instagram for outfit posts and Q&A’s – and please share your capsules and outfits with me!
We’re in this together.
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx
My gurus
Project 333
Marie Kondo

Quarantine capsule

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The greatest wealth is to live content with little.
I currently have about 20 items in my summer, stay at home, capsule wardrobe.
2 jeans, 2 shorts, 2 tank tops, 2 pairs of shoes, 10 tops, and 1 dress – the dress is not pictured because I did not want to take these photos in the nude (although if that is your thing, more power to you.) Check out my Instagram for styled outfits, and the dress.
I’m often asked, “Is that really all you wear? What about when you play with Miles? Don’t you get bored? ARE YOU SURE THAT’S IT!?”
Yes, this is it. I average about 25 items each season in my capsules. One thing that makes my number so low is that I do not need to dress “fancy” for work. I have a small conference capsule wardrobe that is obviously tucked away for now.
And yes, I wear these items to play with Miles. I don’t mind the occasional grass stain, or paint mark. They are all removed easily enough.
For March and the beginning of April, I did not have a capsule. Like many others. I was surviving. Trying to find my way in this new world. Dressing in leggings and pajamas and never “getting ready” for the day. It was rare that I would even brush my teeth before noon.
I do not regret living this way for a while. I was doing my very best. Trying to figure out how to work full time and be a single mama. I cried a lot and I worried. I wondered how long I could go on this tired and lonely, unable to see my family and friends, the people that give so much meaning to my life. How long could I take care of this little one alone, without my village there to help me?
And then, a shift. A phone call from one of the wisest and most powerful women in my life, a woman who showed me that I could be kind and set boundaries. I can be gentle and strong. That yes, most people are doing their very best, but not everyone in this world has good intentions.
She reminded me that I am full of light. That I have come through worse than this. That the people I was letting take parts of me did not hold them well. She noticed that I had forgotten myself for a little while, and she helped me remember.
People do that for me over and over. Listen and love and remind me of who I am, remind me that I know myself better than anyone. My sister, my friends, my auntie, my mentors, myself. Keep close the people that really see you.
I’ve started getting ready each day, with the beautiful items in my summer capsule, because it helps me remember who I am. Clothes have that power, you know? They hold the power to uplift you, to impact your thoughts and your mood. All the things around you do. Your home, your clothes, your words.
When I have a small, curated number of items to choose from, I lessen the decision fatigue. I add simplicity and quality.
In the morning, I cleanse my face, do my hair, moisturize, brush my teeth, and step into my chosen items for the day. Instantly I feel more capable and ready to do this life.
“You don’t have to solve your whole life overnight. And you don’t have to feel ashamed for being where you are. All you have to focus on is one small thing you can do today to get closer to where you want to be. Slowly and lightly, one step at a time. You can get there.” Daniell Koepke
More soon,
Bonnie Rae xx
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