Bonnie Rae is a minimalist lifestyle blogger & storyteller.

Bonnie is a mama, sister, writer and friend. Sharing stories and reflections on her quest for a more simple and beautiful life.


  • Winter capsule ’22

    For months now, my life has been anything but slow. I said yes to teaching full time, along with my other already full time job. I had every intention of fully experiencing both positions and then deciding which direction to give all my attention to. My late twenties and early thirties continue to be a…

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  • Low buy year

    Lately, I have been buying a lot of stuff. We moved into our beautiful home in March of 2021, and since that time I have been buying and filling our home with beautiful things. Until recently, this didn’t feel like a problem. The items coming in were very much wanted. Furniture and things that added…

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  • My favorite things

    Now that we are halfway through the second hardest month of the year, still sitting in the hibernation and the cold but noticing signs of spring, and starting to awaken- I feel ready to write again. I’ve been thinking about all of the beautiful things that happened last year and all of the beautiful people…

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